Ultimate sukiyaki Recipe! ! hilo’s recipe! ! Sukiyaki of your house turns into a restaurant-level! ! ! !

Ultimate sukiyaki! ! hilo’s recipe! ! Sukiyaki of your house turns into a restaurant-level! ! ! !


I love sukiyaki better than Miranda Kerr! ! !

I have been eating at various sukiyaki restaurants. And I study and research in the kitchen!

Today I would like to propose the ultimate sukiyaki recipe that sukiyaki lovers always make.


sukiyaki is thinly sliced beef cooked in an iron pot, with various vegetables, bean curd, tofu etc.


200 g for beef sukiyaki

1 silk tofu

1 onion

50 g Chinese cabbage

1 shiitake mushroom

15 g beef tallow

the number of eggs


Soy sauce 100 ml, soup stock 100 ml, mirin 100 ml, sake 100 ml, sugar 50 g

at the end



Tonkatsu sauce 25ml

Worcestershire sauce 25ml

soup 20ml

Step1, Breaking down. Put the ingredients in a pan and boil down with  low heat. Alcohol flies and completes as soon as the feeling of roughness of sugar disappears.

Step 2, Cut silk tofu . In order to avoid boiling down, boil it. Put the blocked tofu into boiling water, make it a low heat just before this time, it is liver that you never boil. Take out in about 3 minutes.

step 3, Cut the vegetables into pieces that are easy to eat. Slice the onions. Shiitake removes stone piercing. Put the hidden kitchen knife in the part of the shiitake umbrella, drawing x.

Step 4 , Turn the beef with pot. When the oil melts , put the beef one by one. The first is the number of people.

Step 5,  Eat only beef with  raw egg.
Step 6, You will put vegetables, tofu and beef in order. Afterwards enjoy sukiyaki freely.

Step 7,  Finally make fried soba. Boil the soup and transfer it to another container, if it has a thickening. Pour beef tallow into the pot and put noodles. Do not move too much, make it brown. Add beef , cabbage and sauce. Add soup and stir fry. It is delicious when you put raw eggs and eat.


Japan has unique culture that we eat rice or noodles after we finish eating Nabe,

A Japanese stew called Nabe.

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